Vibration Absorber

Vibration absorbers are designed for installation in the suction and discharge for installation lines of air conditioning and refrigeration systems to dampen the transmission of compressor-induced vibration through system piping.


• Unique oxygen brazing between copper socket and stainless steel ferrule
• Available in 14 sizes to fit refrigerant tubes from 1/4″ to 4-1/8
• Stainless steel corrugated tubing and high tensile wire braid
• Cleaned and dehydrated before packaging
• Individually packed in a plastic film and a carton box

Part CodeDescriptionTube OD (inches)Tube OD (mm)Max. Working pressure (psiG)Burst Pressure (psiG)
VIBA-1/4Vibration Absorber 1/4 (6mm)1/4 6mm650 (44.8 bar)3250 (224 bar)
VIBA-3/8Vibration Absorber 3/8 (10mm)3/810mm650 (44.8 bar)3250 (224 bar)
VIBA-1/2Vibration Absorber 1/2 (12mm)1/212mm650 (44.8 bar)3250 (224 bar)
VIBA-5/8Vibration Absorber 5/8 (16mm)5/816mm650 (44.8 bar)3250 (224 bar)
VIBA-3/4Vibration Absorber 3/4 (18mm)3/418mm650 (44.8 bar)3250 (224 bar)
VIBA-7/8Vibration Absorber 7/8(22mm)7/822mm650 (44.8 bar)3250 (224 bar)
VIBA-1-1/8Vibration Absorber 1-1/8 (28mm)1-1/828mm600 (41.3 bar)3000 (206.8 bar)
VIBA-1-3/8Vibration Absorber 1-3/8 (35mm)1-3/835mm550 (37.9 bar)2750 (189.6 bar)
VIBA-1-5/8Vibration Absorber 1-5/8 (42mm)1-5/842mm510 (35.1 bar)2550 (175.8 bar)
VIBA-2-1/8Vibration Absorber 2-1/8(54mm)2-1/854mm400 (27.5 bar)2000 (137.8 bar)
VIBA-2-5/8Vibration Absorber 2-5/8 (64mm)2-5/864mm350 (24.1 bar)1750 (120.6 bar)
VIBA-3-1/8Vibration Absorber 3-1/8 (76mm)3-1/876mm320 (22.0 bar)1600 (110.3 bar)
VIBA-3-3/8Vibration Absorber 3-3/8 (89mm)3-3/889mm190 (13.1 bar)570 (39.3 bar)
VIBA-4-1/8Vibration Absorber 4-1/8 (108mm)4-1/8108mm190 (13.1 bar)570 (39.3 bar)
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Product Data Sheet

Vibration Absorbers Data Sheet

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