Vinyl Hose

Boxed Clear Vinyl Hose

Applications include air conditioning and refrigeration condensate drains, condensate pump discharge lines and humidifier overflows. Available in 30 meters and 15-metre coils, the clear vinyl hose comes either in a coil or packaged in a box making it easier for use and


• Several sizes from 1/4″ to 1″ diameter
• Non-toxic clear vinyl chloride
• Extra rigid design resists crimping and kinking due to durometer valve of 80 (shore A) and thicker wall
• Maximum service temperature 140°F (60°C)
• Better performance in cold weather climates

Part CodePart Code (Vinyl only)DescriptionIDODLength
7-14VT-1/41/4" x 30m Clear6.3mm9.1mm30m
7-38VT-3/83/8" x 30m Clear9.5mm12.5mm30m
7-12VT-1/21/2" x 30m Clear12.7mm16mm30m
7-58-5/8" x 30m Clear15.8mm19.6mm30m
7-34-3/4" x 30m Clear19mm23.1mm30m
7-10-1" x 15m Clear25.4mm30.8mm15m
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Product Data Sheets

Vinyl Hose – Data Sheet

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