Super Seal™ Advanced

Super Seal™ is a system additive that will find and seal leaks in refrigeration systems and
also has an eliminator to dry any moisture in the system preventing acid/waxing, dissolves
blockages and frees TEV’s.

Super Seal is a light, low viscosity particle free liquid that is directly placed into the system
as a mist – as it travels with the refrigerant and oil throughout the system, the sealant exits
the leak point and react with moisture in the air – this forms a low tensile crystalline structure
that creates a permanent seal.

*Please contact us for more information which product can be sold in the UK market


• Compatible with all oils and refrigerants
• Self contained – no tools required
• Uses pressure to draw the product into the system
• Fast acting
• Cost effective – saves time and money
• Ongoing protection against future leaks

Product CodeDescriptionCapacity
947 KITSmall Systems - up to 1.5 tons (5 kW)1 oz / 30ml
944 KITMedium Systems - from 1.5 to 5 tons (5 kW to 17 kW)2 oz / 59ml
948 KITLarge Systems - from 5+ tons (17 kW)3 oz / 89ml
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Product Data Sheet

Super Seal Advanced Data Sheet

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Safety Sheets

Super Seal Advanced Safety Sheet 944 KIT
Super Seal Advanced Safety Sheet 947 KIT
Super Seal Advanced Safety Sheet 948 KIT

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