Rubber Anti-Vibration Pad

The rubber pads are corrugated on both sides to reduce vibration and noise. Designed to withstand 50 lbs. psi. Ideal for air conditioners, compressors, cooling towers, presses, machines or anywhere vibration control is needed. Elastomeric oil resistant.

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Part CodeDescriptionDimensions mm (HxWxL)WeightSafe Working Load
MP-2Rubber Anti-vibration pad - 50mm20x50x500.04kg3.5kg per cm²
MP-3Rubber Anti-vibration pad - 80mm20x80x800.05kg3.5kg per cm²
MP-4Rubber Anti-vibration pad - 100mm20x100x1000.01kg3.5kg per cm²
MP-6Rubber Anti-vibration pad - 150mm20x150x1500.2kg3.5kg per cm²
MP-18Rubber Anti-vibration pad - 460mm20x460x4601.8kg3.5kg per cm²
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