Pro-Bubble Spray Leak Detector

Pro-Bubble is an easy-to-use leak detector spray ideal for locating gas and air leaks and pipes and equipment. Pro-Bubble will not attack or react with metal surfaces and is highly efficient for the detection of ammonia, refrigerant gas, and air leaks at below freezing temperatures.


• Clinging formula allows detection of microscopic gas leaks
• Pinpoint leaks in any pressurized gas sytem
• Non-toxic, oxygen safe, non-corrosive

Part CodeDescriptionQuantitySuitable for use on...
PRO-BUBBLE-32Pro-Bubble Leak Detector Spray1Finding leaks on refrigeration and AC systems
COOLWELD-32Cool-Weld Heat Barrier Gel Spray1Heat barrier gel for soldering, sweating and welding
CO-1Pull a Spout Oiler - 4oz (118ml)12General lubricant of moving parts
741-001WD-40 (237ml)1Protection, lubrication and releasing of seized parts
741-002WD-40 (325ml)1Protection, lubrication and releasing of seized parts
CLL-1Pro-Tite (39ml) Squeeze Tube12-
01714Foam Sealant (355ml)12-
01724Foam Sealant (591ml)12-
6-202-1DiversiGum (0.5kg) Slug24-
6-202-2DiversiGum (1kg) Slug20-
7-4000Clear Silicone Sealant (305ml)12-
7-4100White Silicone Sealant (305ml)12-
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Product Safety Sheet

Pro-Bubble Leak Detector Safety Sheet

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