ISO-Cube Anti-Vibration Pads

Natural rubber pads, designed to reduce vibration and noise emanating from refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. The circular design in each pad offers a suction cup effect, which eliminates the need to bolt the pads down. A standard 18” (46cm) pad is divided into eighty-one 2” (5cm) segments, each of which may be cut or torn to provide smaller pads. These 50 durometer pads will withstand a load of 180 psi with greater resiliency.

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Part CodeDescriptionDimensions mm (HxWxD)WeightSafe Working Load
ISO-2ISO Cube Natural Rubber Pads - 50mm20x50x500.6kg12.6kg per cm²
ISO-4ISO Cube Natural Rubber Pads - 100mm20x100x1000.18kg12.6kg per cm²
ISO-18ISO Cube Natural Rubber Pads - 460mm20x460x4603.8kg12.6kg per cm²
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ISO-Cube Anti-Vibration Pads

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