Cool-Weld Heat Barrier Spray

Cool-Weld is a spray-on gel heat shield for soldering, sweating and welding. Ideal for use on filter driers, pipes, valves, sheet metal, etc. Can be used on porous surfaces such as fabrics or drywall. As long as there is some Cool-Weld present the surface will resist charring.


• Eliminates heat transfer to surrounding areas
• Wets and completely protects sensitive areas
• Safe, non-toxic and non-corrosive
• Odourless and non-staining

Part CodeDescriptionQuantitySuitable for use on...
PRO-BUBBLE-32Pro-Bubble Leak Detector Spray1Finding leaks on refrigeration and AC systems
COOLWELD-32Cool-Weld Heat Barrier Gel Spray1Heat barrier gel for soldering, sweating and welding
CO-1Pull a Spout Oiler - 4oz (118ml)12General lubricant of moving parts
741-001WD-40 (237ml)1Protection, lubrication and releasing of seized parts
741-002WD-40 (325ml)1Protection, lubrication and releasing of seized parts
CLL-1Pro-Tite (39ml) Squeeze Tube12-
01714Foam Sealant (355ml)12-
01724Foam Sealant (591ml)12-
6-202-1DiversiGum (0.5kg) Slug24-
6-202-2DiversiGum (1kg) Slug20-
7-4000Clear Silicone Sealant (305ml)12-
7-4100White Silicone Sealant (305ml)12-
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Product Safety Sheet

Cool-Weld Safety Sheet

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