National Sports Stadium Wales – Cardiff

Project: National Sports Stadium Wales – Cardiff.

Products: Flexi light – Bespoke Modular Framework

Services: VRF Condenser.

Roof build-up: Warm roof design – Liquid Applied coatings with GRP reinforcement fleece.


Pump House supplied a bespoke framework to the above site, following a request for the support of a heavy VRF unit, which was to be sited upon an existing lightweight roof construction.

Pump House discussed the project requirements with the air-conditioning sub-contractor, as well as the project Architect to ensure we understood everyone’s requirements on the day. It was highlighted that the existing roof was not capable of managing very heavy loads, and therefore we were asked for a solution that worked within this restriction.

As a result we proposed a standard 1.2m Base and Extender framework. However, instead of supplying these with our traditional 365mm diameter feet, or our 320mm2 feet, we recommended our larger 500mm2 feet be used instead. These feet reduced the imposed loading upon the roof through their larger surface area.

We offer a comprehensive range of freestanding support systems that are designed and manufactured for a wide variety of applications, whether it’s the support of building services or a safe access solutions for the workforce. We can tailor our standard solutions into a bespoke arrangements, or can even custom fabricate products to meet ever-demanding customer requirements.