Primark Store, Banbury

Project: Primark Store, Banbury.

Products: Flexi heavy & Flexi access– Heavy Duty Frames & QUAD’s.

Services: Plantroom, Generator, Air-handling units and bespoke access solutions.

Roof build-up: Warm roof design – Mastic Asphalt.


Pump House was recently approached by Woodward & Co (Environmental) Limited in Gloucestershire to supply the complete solution for supporting the rooftop building services at a new Primark Store in Banbury.

Woodward’s, the mechanical services contractor on the project, had a number of different heavy building services that required supporting. This included a 7500kg plantroom, 3520kg generator, two 5000kg air-handling units and a 3500kg air-handling unit.

Utilising our Flexi-Heavy Duty range of supports, we designed and calculated individual frameworks for each item of plant, paying particular attention to ensuring that the correct load management through our frames, back down to the roof finish, was achieved.  Pump House met the contractor on-site during the assembly of frameworks to ensure a trouble free installation, prior to the crane lift of the equipment shortly after. We also prepared ahead of the installation AutoCAD drawings depicting the correct support of each unit, as well as pressure and roof loading calculations.

In addition we were also asked to supply the associated Step-Up’s and access platforms required for the maintenance of the services. These were designed in accordance to British Standards, and supplied in kit form for installation after the plant was in-situ.

The flexible nature of our systems combined with even load distribution through our non-penetrative feet, meant this removed the risk of potential leaks and thermal cold bridging, which may occur with traditional supports breaking through the waterproofing. The lightweight and portable nature of our products made installing our system very simple and fast.