Bitterne Park School, Southampton

Project: Bitterne Park School, Southampton.

Products: Flexi Everyday – H Frame Kits and Flexi-Feet, Flexi Light – Base & Extender frames, Flexi heavy – Modular Frameworks & Custom Frame

Services: Cable trays, Ducts, A/C Splits & Air-handling units.

Roof build-up: Warm roof design – PIR/PUR insulation with PVC/TPO field membrane.


As part of a wider expansion of secondary schools across the city of Southampton, a new build project consisting of a large part three, and part four-story school building was built to replace existing facilities. Keir Construction the main contractor on the project appointed Hopkins Mechanical & Electrical Engineers to oversee the installation of the building services.

Flexi Support Systems were ordered, via Bison Industrial in Botley, Southampton for their customer Hopkins installing these rooftop services. An assortment of products was required to support various services such as cable trays, ductwork, condensers and air-handling units. In addition, due to one of the air-handling units being extremely wider than usual, we also had to manufacture a bespoke custom framework for this item.

Negating the requirements for traditional concrete plinths, our solutions offer a fast and simple installation process, avoiding awkward waterproofing details or roof penetrations. All solutions provide the installer with greater flexibility to make last minute changes, and are supplied hot dip galvanised to suit external environments.