Pump House supporting Nottingham Hospitals Charity

Supporting Nottingham Hospitals Charity Pump House woke up on Thursday 25th of May and went back in the 80’s!

People from Pump House dressed in 80’s style; Madonna met a football hooligan from the 80’s in the office; fitness guru showed us all how ‘not to hula hoop’ and a couple of rock chicks definitely don’t know yo-yoing! Of course, Magnum Pi had to show off by wearing a T-shirt he bought from Hawaii, parking his red Ferrari outside Pump House.

This day was 100% successful and full of fun; we raised over £460 for Nottingham

Hospitals Charity – thanks to generous donations from Ocean Air UK; Brett Critchley – Head of IT at Cooper Parry and even the ice cream van man made a donation because he liked all of our bright colourful costumes!

Because hula hooping is really tiring, we decided to treat ourselves and fill our hungry tummies with pizzas and ice creams (I think being on diet failed big time).


Thank you for all of your support from all of the staff at Pump House!

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