Pump House lights the way

We now stock an exciting range of CLIPLIGHT Hi-Power hand torches, inspection lamps and work lights. This includes the SEEKERmax™

and SEEKERmini™ range of UV inspection torches featuring constant, focused and strobe settings for leak detection work.

Also available is the HEMIPLUS™ range of Hi-Power rechargeable super bright work lights with patented Uni-Beam™ technology giving 70° perfect beam and offering up to 8 hours’ runtime between charges and fast 4-hour re-charge.

Included in the range are the CLIPSTRIP™ range of rugged pivoting hand held pocket torches including the waterproof CLIPSTRIP™ AQUA and the Pivot33 LED torch with magnetic base. All the torches and lights in the range use the latest generation LED energy efficient technology to combine super bright light with long battery life.

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