Pump House Hit Chicago

Well everyone said it would be cold, how wrong they were!

The Chicago ASHRAE gave Pump House the warmest of welcomes; in fact the stand was so busy that the Blues Brothers were called in at one point to maintain order. Black Friday arrived again to our small and humble British Stand.

The visit to ASHRAE took us on a voyage of discovery to NEW Lands. Like Columbus, but by no means the first European OEM to discover America, we hope to create a lasting relationship as the Pump House Product Range quickly begins to colonise every Wholesaler on American Soil.

With the American market now moving towards a ductless system, or in our words a split AC system we thought we would see if our products range could compete and provide solutions. The feedback we received from the show was outstanding. Thank you, to all of our new overseas friends and our UK partners who visited the stand to wish us well. We are pleased to announce that as a result of the show we now are in talks negotiations with two confirmed US Master Distributors.


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