Super Seal Total AC/R Stop Leak

Super Seal Sealant Total 3-in-1 dries, seals and includes Flash UV dye for a complete repair solution. Super Seal Total is fast and easy to install and requires no pump down or recovery. It’s compatible with all oils and refrigerants and ideal for all systems including microchannel, heat pump and geothermal. Super Seal Total stops leaks now and prevents future ones too. Super Seal Total comes with a reusable hose.

Part CodeDescriptionCapacityUOMMaster Qty
971KIT Super Seal Total - up to 1.5 tons (5kW)1oz/30mlEach12
972KITSuper Seal Total - 1.5 to 5 tons (5-17kW)2oz/59mlEach12
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Product Data Sheet

Super Seal Total Dry R Data Sheet

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