Rotary Enclosed Isolators

Insulated 3 and 4 pole, CE marked, A/C isolators, suitable for disconnecting power supply to outdoor air conditioning condensing units.


• Weatherproof to IP65
• Easy installation
• M20/25 Knockouts up to 63A
• Handle lockable in off position
• Interlocked cover – removable in off position only
• Earth and neutral terminals included
• Captive, retained cover screws
• Conforms to IEC 60947-3

Part CodeNo. of PolesAmps AC21AC23 A 240VAAC23 A 400VASolid Cable CapacityStranded Cable CapacityDepth
IS-3P-20A320 Amp5.5 kW3.7 kW1-16mm²0.75-10mm²135mm
IS-3P-32A332 Amp11 kW7.5 kW1-16mm²0.75-10mm²135mm
IS-3P-40A340 Amp15 kW11 kW1-16mm²0.75-10mm²135mm
IS-3P-63A363 Amp22 kW18.5 kW1-16mm²0.75-10mm²135mm
IS-4P-20A-S420 Amp5.5 kW3.7 kW1-16mm²0.75-10mm²120mm
IS-4P-20A420 Amp5.5 kW3.7 kW1-16mm²0.75-10mm²135mm
IS-4P-32-S432 Amp11 kW7.5 kW1-16mm²0.75-10mm²120mm
IS-4P-32A432 Amp11 kW7.5 kW1-16mm²0.75-10mm²135mm
IS-4P-40A440 Amp15 kW11 kW1-16mm²0.75-10mm²135mm
IS-4P-63A463 Amp22 kW18.5 kW1-16mm²0.75-10mm²135mm
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Rotary Enclosed Isolators

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