Pro-Scale DiversiTech Lime Scale Remover

Pro-Scale removes lime scale, slime and algae buildup from heat exchangers, cooling towers, piping and condensers.  Pro-Scale will increase system capacity, efficiency and reduce the head pressure.  This product changes colour when cleaning is complete.


• Fast and easy to use.
• Improves system efficiency.
• Removes scale, slime and algae build up.

Part CodeDescriptionQuantitySuitable for Use on...
PRO-UNIV-GBPro-Universal Concentrated Coil Cleaner5 litres Condenser, Evaporators and Air Filters
PRO-FOAM+-GBAkaline-based Concentrated Coil Cleaner5 litres Condensers
PRO-CARE-GBEvaporator Coil Cleaner and Disinfectant5 litres Evaporators, Protecting and Disinfecting
PRO-CLEAN-GBAkaline-based Evaporator and Condensing Coil Cleaner5 litres Condensers and Evaporators
PRO-COOL-GBNon-odour Concentrated Liquid Ice Machine Cleaner5 litres Ice Machines
PRO-SCALE-GBLime Scale Concentrated Remover5 litres Condensers and Exchangers
PRO-GREEN-GBEnvironmentally Friendly Concentrated Coil Cleaner 5 litres Condensers, Evaporators and Air Filters
GRAN-UNIV-GBGranular Coil Cleaner480gCondensers, Evaporators and Air Filters
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Product Data Sheet

 Pro Scale TDS

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Product Safety Sheet

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