Pressure Relief & Boiler Condensate Pump

We understand the working of boilers and have first hand experience of boiler PRV
discharge. This can be over 100 degrees when both pressure and temperature in the boiler
are released (EN15502-1 defines a max. of 110°C). Our 3.8L pump has been designed to
handle standard condensate and to instantly reduce the temperature of any PRV discharge.
The pump is manufactured from high temperature plastic and higher specification hose. The
pump has an extra large drink cycle of 1.5 litres Suitable for boiler condensate and PRV
discharge for boilers upto 42kw and boiler condensate only for boilers up to 600kW.


• Suitable for 2.8pH boiler condensate
• Supplied with 10 metres of 9.5mm (3/8″) ID flexible drain hose
• High-level safety switch
• Max. flow 312 LPH
• Max. head 8m
• Discharge volume 1.5 litres

Part CodeMax. LiftDischarge SizePSIWattsTemperatureAmpsVoltsHz
PH-3.8L-HW8m9.5mm (3/8")11.4150W100°C0.75A240V50Hz
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Product Data Sheets

PH-3.8L-HW Data Sheet
PH-3-8L-HW Installation Instructions

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