Flat Plate

2 Hole3 Hole4 Hole5 HoleDescription

Part CodeDescription
X-FP3H-90Flat Plate - 3 Hole 30 Degrees
X-TBR4HT Bracket - 4 Hole
X-TBR4H-90T Bracket - 4 Hole 90 Degree
X-PCPurling Clip - Z10 Beam Clamp (Pack of 100)
X-PC-M10Pull on Purling Clip M10 (Pack of 100)
X-PC-M8Pull on Purling Clip M8 (Pack of 100)
X-CEC4H-4121Channel 4 Hole External 41mm x 21mm Connector
X-CEC4H-4141Channel 4 Hole External 41mm x 41mm Connector
X-CIC4H-4121Channel 4 Hole Internal 41mm x 21mm
X-CIC4H-4141Channel 4 Hole Internal 41mm x 41mm
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