Hand Held and Power Sprayers

There are a number of options available for spraying coil cleaners on to the coils, from simple hand held and compression sprayers to high capacity electric power sprayers. The DiversiTech PS-1 Portable Backpack Power Sprayer is a highly efficient machine designed for fast and easy application of coil cleaning products. Powered by a 12V/10Ah rechargeable battery, the sprayer saves labour time as it is 3 to 4 times more efficient than a conventional compression sprayer. The sprayer can be operated continuously for up to 10 hours, enough to spray approx. 110 gallons of coil cleaner, holds 15.2 litres and has a low battery warning when down to 20% battery life (approx. 2 hours remaining of battery life left.


• Streamline contour with adjustable straps – comfortable to carry on the back
• Mini-diaphragm pump with pressure protection switch to prevent overpressurization
• Automatic start/stop feature on trigger
• Large filler neck for fast and safe refilling
• 15.2 litre capacity – less refilling required

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Part CodeDescriptionCapacity
PS-1-UKPortable Electric Backpack Sprayer15.2 litres
1002Hand Held Sprayer1.4 litres
26011 Gallon Compression Wand Sprayer3.8 litres
26022 Gallon Compression Wand Sprayer7.4 litres
26033 Gallon Compression Wand Sprayer11.4 litres
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Technical Data Sheet

Power Sprayer Technical Data Sheet

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