Grip Fit Clamps

The asymmetric design provides a perfect fit for any one of four pairs of flow and return insulated
refrigerant pipes. An 8mm clearance hole allows the clamp to be fixed directly to any flat surface,
such as a wall or ceiling.


• Corrosion-resistant black zinc coating to match pipe insulation
• Mounts to any flat surface, in any orientation
• NEW hinged design allows for a quick install
• Available in four sizes of flow and return pipe pairs

Part CodeDescriptionLiquid Pipe DiameterGas Pipe Diameter
GFC-1Grip Fit Clamp 1 - Size 1/4" by 1/2"1/4"1/2"
GFC-2Grip Fit Clamp 2 - Size 3/8" by 5/8"3/8"5/8"
GFC-3Grip Fit Clamp 3 - Size 1/2" by 7/8"1/2"7/8"
GFC-4Grip Fit Clamp 4 - Size 5/8" by 1-1/8"5/8"1-1/8"
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Product Data Sheets

Grip Fit Clams Data SheetGrip-Fit Clamps Data Sheet

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