Flexi Lite Kit

A low cost innovative solution for floor mounting air conditioning units and ASHP. The
FLEXI Lite Slab and Foot kit avoids the high cost and time consuming need to construct
a concrete base and comes complete with FLEXI rubber mounting feet. It can be delivered
to site with minimum preparation and can be assembled in minutes. It also suits most
brands of domestic air source heat pumps and air conditioning units.


• Low cost and rapid installation time
• Easy to transport and locate
• Safe working load – 600kg
• Simple to construct
• Fixing pack to secure feet to the slab
• Fixing pack to secure a heat pump to the feet

Part CodeDescriptionWidthHeightLengthWeightSafe Working Load
FF-UC3Flexi Slab Kit (2x600 Feet) 41mm Strut600mm175mm1200mm 27.5kg600kg
FF-UC3-3Flexi Slab Kit (3x600 Feet) 41mm Strut600mm175mm1200mm31kg600kg
FF-UC3-ASNFlexi Slab Kit (2x600
Narrow Feet) M10 Strut
FF-UC3-XLFlexi Slab Kit - Extra Large (2x600mm Feet) 41mm Strut600mm175mm1200mm47kg600kg
FF-UC-PLATE-KITUltraLite Slab & Fixings Plate Kit - 4 Plates & Fixings-----
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 Flexi Lite Slab and Foot Kit

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