Flexi Foot – Variations

To complement our range of Flexi Feet we have an number of variations on the standard flexi foot with strut. The foot only options are available in 200, 350 and 500mm with angle pitch variants.

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Part CodeDescriptionLength mmWidth mmHeight mmSafe Working LoadWeight
PH-FO-200Flexi Foot - 200mm for vertical strut/M10 thread20020085100kg2.3kg
PH-FO-350Flexi Foot - 350mm for vertical strut350350110150kg5.7kg
PH-FO-350-2Flexi Foot - 350mm for vertical 82x41mm strut350350110150kg5.7kg
PH-FO-350-2.5-SFlexi Foot - 350mm for vertical 2.5 degree350350125150kg5.9kg
PH-FO-350-5.0-SFlexi Foot - 350mm for vertical 5.0 degree350350140150kg6.1kg
PH-FO-500Flexi Foot - 500mm vertical strut500500110150kg10.5kg
PH-FO-500-2Flexi Foot - 500 for vertical 82x41mm strut500500110150kg10.5kg
PH-FO-500-2.5Flexi Foot - 500mm for vertical 2.5 degree strut500500130150kg10.7kg
PH-FO-500-5.0Flexi Foot - 500mm for vertical 5.0 degree500500150150kg10.9kg
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Product Data Sheet

Flexi Foot Options Data Sheet

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