Drain Gun

Blocked drain line? No problem with a Drain-Gun! The DiversiTech Drain Gun is a
lightweight, portable tool designed to unblock condensate drain lines and other pipework
instantly. Simply insert a CO2 cartridge into the Gun and with a press of the trigger
and SWOOSH… 800 psi of food grade CO2 blows the blockage out – job done!


• Small and Lightweight to handle
• Quick and easy to use with no mess
• Uses Environmentally Friendly CO²
• Flexible hose for hard to reach areas
• Safety catch to prevent accidental discharge
• Optional 3 piece adaptor kit available

Part CodeDescriptionQuantityPackage
GG-1Drain Gun Drain Line Cleaner11 x Drain Gun Drain Line Cleaner
GG-6Drain Gun Drain Line Cleaner –
Pack of 6 CO2
66 x Single Use CO²
GG-1ADrain Gun Drain Line Cleaner –
Adaptor Kit
13 x Adaptors for Larger Tubes, Oil
Lines and 90° Angles
GG-1HDrain Gun Drain Line Cleaner –
Hose Assembly
11 x Drain Gun Hose Assembly
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Product Data Sheets

Drain Gun Data Sheet

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Product Safety Sheet

Swoosh Cartridges Safety Sheet

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