Cable Tray Flat Bends

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90 Degree45 DegreeDescription
X-CTMD-B-50X-CTMD-FB-50Cable Tray Flat Bend - 50mm
X-CTMD-B-75X-CTMD-FB-75Cable Tray Flat Bend - 75mm
X-CTMD-B-150X-CTMD-FB-150Cable Tray Flat Bend - 150mm
X-CTMD-B-225X-CTMD-FB-225Cable Tray Flat Bend - 225mm
X-CTMD-B-300X-CTMD-FB-300Cable Tray Flat Bend - 300mm
X-CTMD-B-450X-CTMD-FB-450Cable Tray Flat Bend - 450mm
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