Braided Hose

Shrink wrapped braided hose

Now available in 6 metre and 30 metre coils. This reinforced PVC hose is suitable for
condensate drains and comes packaged in clear shrink wrap for protection and easy
storage. Black reinforced PVC hose has no light penetration, preventing build up of
mould growth.


• Available in 6 metre and 30 metre lengths
• Available in clear or black
• Maximum temperature +60 degrees
• Minimum temperature -15 degrees

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Part CodeDescriptionIDODWorkingBurstMin Bend RadiusMin TempMax Temp
RVT-1/2-61/2" x 6m Clear12mm16mm61830°-15°C+60°C
RVT-3/4-63/4" x 6m Clear19mm23mm61830°-15°C+60°C
RVT-1/41/4" x 30m Clear6mm10mm72130°-15°C+60°C
RVT-3/83/8" x 30m Clear10mm14mm82430°-15°C+60°C
RVT-1/21/2" x 30m Clear12mm16mm61830°-15°C+60°C
RVT-5/85/8" x 30m Clear16mm20mm61830°-15°C+60°C
RVT-1/4-B1/4" x 30m Black6mm10mm72130°-15°C+60°C
RVT-3/8-B3/8" x 30m Black10mm14mm82430°-15°C+60°C
RVT-1/2-B1/2" x 30m Black12mm16mm61830°-15°C+60°C
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Product Data Sheets

 Braided Hose Data Sheet

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