Condensate Bypass Valve

Low cost, easy to install solution to bypass freezing pipes

Cutting a condensate pipe due to freezing conditions has been commonplace over winter periods. The BB-1 Boiler Buoy condensate bypass valve is a solution that has been designed to be fitted during install, emergency call outs or whilst performing annual service visits. A red float which when visible, indicates that the condensate pipe has a blockage or may be frozen.

The built in tap allows the householder to drain the condensate away safely and ensures that the heating of the property can still work.


• Low cost
• Easy to install
• 1.5 metres of 9.5mm (3/8″) clear vinyl hose
• Outlet 9.5mm (3/8″)
• Suitable for 22mm pipework
• One year warranty

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Part CodeDescriptionHeightDiameterOutletHose Lenght
BB-1Boiler Buoy - Condensate Bypass Valve115mm29mm9.5mm1.5m
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Product Data Sheet

BB-1 Boiler Buoy Data Sheet

Boiler Buoy Installation Instructions

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