Anti-Vibration Strips

Anti-Vibration Mounting Strips are a low cost option for mounting air conditioning units,
air source heat pumps and other equipment providing vibration reduction and sound
dampening. Available in recycled rubber and cork-rubber in various sizes.


• Up to 30 dB(A) reduction in sound
• UV stable

Part CodeDescriptionLengthWidthThickness
AVMS-1Anti-Vibration Mounting Strip - RUBBER500mm50mm15mm
AVMS-2Anti-Vibration Mounting Strip - RUBBER1000mm75mm15mm
AVMS-3Anti-Vibration Mounting Strip - RUBBER1200mm75mm15mm
AVMS-4Anti-Vibration Mounting Strip - RUBBER1000mm100mm15mm
AVMS-CR-3Anti-Vibration Mounting Strip - CORK1200mm75mm12.5mm
AVMS-CR-4Anti-Vibration Mounting Strip - CORK1200mm100mm12.5mm
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Product Data Sheets

Rubber and Cork Mounting Strips

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