180 Degree Return Bend

Pump House offer a comprehensive range of high quality AC and refrigeration Copper Fittings manufactured to the very latest ASME and BS/EN standards and are fully compliant and certified to Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) requirements. Other sizes may be available – please contact the Sales Office for further information.

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Part CodeDescriptionConnections
C180-0002-PHReturn Bend 1802 Degree 3/8"3/8"
C180-0025-PHReturn Bend 1802 Degree 1/2"1/2"
C180-0050-PHReturn Bend 1802 Degree 5/8"5/8"
C180-0090-PHReturn Bend 1802 Degree 3/4"3/4"
C180-0100-PHReturn Bend 1802 Degree 7/8"7/8"
C180-0150-PHReturn Bend 1802 Degree 1-1/8"1-1/8"
C180-0215-PHReturn Bend 1802 Degree 1-3/8"1-3/8"
C180-0295-PHReturn Bend 1802 Degree 1-5/8"1-5/8"
C180-0390-PHReturn Bend 1802 Degree 2-1/8"2-1/8"
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