0.8 Litre Boiler Pump

Pump House presents ‘James’
When space and lift are a challange, ‘James’ our shallow tank pump enables installation
in compact areas such as below kitchen units. The 6 metre discharge lift helps with the
flexibility of the installation. Suitable for both floor and wall mounting and comes with a
quick release check valve. Suitable for boilers up to 100kW.


• High discharge head of 6 metres
• Quiet operation
• 300ml drink cycle
• Quality design and engineered product
• 6 metres of 9.5mm (3/8″) ID flexible drain hose
• Quick release quarter turn non return valve
• One year warranty

Part-CodeMax. LiftDischarge SizePSIWattsIPAmpsVoltsHz
PH-0.8L-HL6m9.5mm (3/8")8.575 W200.64 A240 V50 Hz
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Product Data Sheets

PH-0.8L-HL Data Sheet
PH-0-8L-HL Instructions

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