i phone winner – No 4

Another iPhone 6 claimed in the Pump House / Little Giant National Promotion.

Dene Tholet, the Branch Manager at HRP Walthamstow, was pleased to present Tom Marrow, a Service Engineer with Arctic Services Ltd., the Waltham Abbey based Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Company, his brand new iPhone 6.

Tom buys a lot of his parts and ancillaries from HRP Walthamstow and Dene was delighted that “a regular customer” was lucky enough to win the phone with a pump sold by his branch.

Tom found a winning sticker on a Little Giant VCMA20S pump and rang the claim line number on the pump – when the win was confirmed he said:-

“Are you being serious, I’ve won an iPhone 6 with no strings attached?  The best thing I’ve ever won in my life is a £5 scratch card, so I can’t believe my luck – I think I might put the lottery on tonight!”

Tom has worked for Arctic Services for the past 2 years and the firm has a number of Service Engineers working on all types of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment throughout the UK with a large client list, that includes a number of blue chip companies.

Tom says he loves working for Arctic and has “the best boss he has ever worked for” in Andy Velleman the owner of the company.

Tom says he is going to give the new iPhone 6 to his wife.

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