ACR Show Seminar Programme

The ACR Show will be running an extensive three day seminar programme, which will allow visitors to update their knowledge, find solutions for their business and speak to industry experts for free.

Tom Fitzsimons, Product Manager from DiversiTech UK Ltd will be talking exclusively about the reasons why a clean coil is a green coil and the importance of cleaning coils with a maintenance regime.  Tom will be talking in the Technology Theatre (Sponsored by DAIKIN) on Wednesday 12th February between 10.30 – 11 am.

Technology Theatre – Sponsored by DAIKIN            
Tuesday, 11 February

10.30-11.00 The importance of part-load efficiency as a measure of air conditioning efficiency for the UK
Neil Hitching, Southern Area Sales Manager, Toshiba Air Conditioning
11.15-11.45 The biggest change to air conditioning since the introduction of the inverter
Richard Green, Daikin UK, Product Specialist
12.00-12.30 Controlling air conditioning over the Internet
Sebastien Desmottes, Controls Product Manager, Mitsubishi Electric
12.45-13.15 Current development status of DuPont refrigerant solutions to meet the challenges of F-Gas Regulation
Barbara Minor, Senior Technical Fellow, and Joachim Gerstel, Business Development Manager, DuPont Fluoroproducts
13.30-14.00 Spot the deliberate mistake: A tour round ACHPI’s black museum of air conditioning installation howlers
Mike Nankivell, Marketing Director, Space Airconditioning plc
14.15-14.35 Re-Chill with Variable Speed Drive compressors
Trevor Dann, Technical and Sales Director, ThermOzone

Wednesday, 12 February

10.30-11.00 Why a clean coil is a green coil
Tom Fitzsimons, Product Manager, DiversiTech UK Ltd
11.15-11.45 An innovative approach to controlling noise in acr applications
Ken Strong, Managing Director, Cool-Therm
12.00-12.30 Preparing for the refrigeration revolution
Nick May, Refrigeration Product Specialist, Daikin UK
12.45-13.15 Avoiding the pitfalls of refrigerant conversion
Peter Dinnage, Technical Director, IDS Refrigeration
13.30-14.00 Update on performance of HFO chillers
Roberto Mallozi, MD, Klima-Therm, and Tim Mitchell, director, Klima-Therm
14.15-14.45 Phase Change Material (PCM) based energy storage materials and examples of global application
Zafer Ure, Managing Director, PCM Products

Thursday, 13 February

10.30-11.00 VRF design
Mike Briskman, Training Executive, LG Electronics
11.15-11.45 Future refrigerants – what you need to consider
Graham Wright, Vice President – HEVAC and Legislation Specialist, Daikin UK
12.00-12.30 The problem of acid in acr systems – prevention or cure?
Geoff Russell, Marketing Director, ERRECOM
13.00-13.30 Latest developments in the application of high efficiency heat pumps, plus advice on how to design and install systems to achieve greater efficiency.
Graham Hazell, Heat Pump Association
13.45-14.15 The future of Heat Transfer Fluids
Peter Dinnage, Technical Director, IDS Refrigeration
14.30-15.00 Operating behaviour of CO2 booster systems
Oliver Javerschek, Project Manager, BITZER Kuehlmaschinenbau GmbH

Business Intelligence Theatre – Sponsored by HRP
Tuesday, 11 February

10.30-11.00 Insurance for refrigeration engineers and air conditioning contractors
Andy Chibeba, First Insurance Solutions Ltd
11.15-12.15 The ACRIB F-Gas Debate: Is industry paying too high a price for HFC leakage?
Mike Nankivell, Chairman of ACRIB F-Gas Group
12.30-13.00 Don’t risk it! Keeping up with health and safety requirement for service and maintenance
Rob Hughes, Independent Health and Safety Consultant, and Paul Arrowsmith, ACRIB Education and Training Committee
13.15-13.45 How to make the most of mobile apps for installers and field engineers
David Dunn, General Manager, Toshiba Air Conditioning
14.00-14.30 Refrigerant regulation update
Tony Wright, HRP
14.45-15.15 Where are we with REAL Zero? Understanding refrigerant containment in carbon dioxide and flammable refrigerant systems
James Bailey, Chair of REAL Zero Steering Group, Abbey Design
15.30-16.00 Air Conditioning Performance Inspections: a cost-effective method for optimisation or an unnecessary cost?
Klas Berglöf, CEO, ClimaCheck Sweden AB

Wednesday, 12 February

Hosted by B&ES Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Group

Chaired by Tony Williams, chairman of RACHP Group
10.30-11.00 1. Business opportunities around the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme
Mike Malina, energy auditor and B&ES consultant
11.05-11.30 2. F-Gas update, plus the latest on R22 phase-out
Graeme Fox, B&ES Council Member
11.35-12.00 3. Changes to Part L and TM44: What the new carbon targets mean for installers and the trade
Bob Towse, B&ES head of technical and safety
12.05-12.30 4. Regulation and Compliance – why it makes business sense
Chris Summers, Richard Troup, Environment Agency Chemical Compliance Team
12.35-13.00 5. Panel discussion with all speakers
13.15-13.45 Heat pumps – the developing market
Tony Wright, HRP
14-00.15.30 The Greening of the Supermarkets
An update on current technical developments and future plans for developing sustainable, more environmentally friendly stores in the UK1. Green refrigeration for convenience stores: an update on progress in reducing energy use and harnessing environmentally responsible refrigerants.

Bill Watson, refrigeration development manager, The Co-op Group2. How new flash defrost technology can dramatically cut energy use in cold stores and refrigerated display cases
Bob Arthur, FrigescoOther speakers TBC

Thursday, 13 February

10.30-11.00 Implications of F-Gas for the industry and end users, and the solutions to meet the new requirements
Bob Low, Research Fellow, Mexichem Fluor
11.15-11.45 Preparing the next generation of technicians: Key issues in qualifications and standards
John Ellis, ACRIB
12.00-12.30 F-GAS and TM44: why they are the perfect partners
Philip Salaman, Managing Director, Quidos
12.45-13.15 Virtual Power Stations – the potential for application of high efficiency heat pumps
Roberto Mallozzi, MD, Klima-Therm, and Tim Mitchell, director, Klima-Therm
13.30-14.00 Air conditioning systems – applications update
Tony Wright, HRP
14.15-14.45 The market for intelligent controls and future trends in technology
Terry Sharp, Johnson Controls


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