A day in a Van: A. J. Cooper Group

Being part of the marketing team means using the right side hemisphere of our brain more than the left one. Did you know that the right one is more creative and the left one logical and analytical?

For this reason, our marketing team came up with an idea of how to improve our understanding of contractors, how to get to know what they do and just to think outside the box – we agreed that we would find two ‘lucky lads’ and spend the whole working day with them asking questions, following them around and see how installations are done outside of the office!

My big thank you belongs to Alistair from A. J. Cooper Group who had the patience to put up with me and my little notepad. Alistair made sure I had a great day and it was all student-teacher, learning all about draining of air source heat pumps, insulation, trunking and antifreeze solutions. It is definitely much different from looking at our products in the catalogue or in the warehouse to seeing how they are being used, cut into pieces and fitted into perfect installations.

The project we went to required fixing an air source heat pump in a house owned by an elderly couple who made us feel very welcome. The couple didn’t have hot water or heating whatsoever due to frozen pipes; Alistair explained to me earlier that the installation of the pump hadn’t been done properly, the pipes weren’t insulated and there wasn’t an anti-freeze used, so the whole pump and pipes got frozen. He also mentioned that when he came to fix it
– he spent five hours in the freezing cold trying to de-frost the pipes with a hairdryer! Alistair did another great job, as he always does. With my
little help we drained the water from the air source heat pump, stripped the horrible insulation and made space for further steps. After removing the screws from the wall we measured ASHP Pump House trunking, drilled new holes, put insulation around the pipes and after that we fitted the trunking on top of it to make a nice, neat installation to hide and protect the pipes even more. I mentioned to Alistair that I am a clumsy person, but that didn’t stop him letting me to solder Copper Fittings into the joints and valves on the pipes. Good news – No leaks and none of us got hurt!!

A. J. Cooper Group stands for Alistair’s full name; he founded the company in 2004. He now sub-contracts people for installations when required except Heather, his colleague-in-crime; who works for him about 6 days a week now. Alistair loves his job as every day is a different challenge for him. (One day he is defrosting pipes with the hair dryer and another day he has got a little clumsy helper!)

I learnt so much from him and the day was definitely an eye opener. Honestly, I hadn’t even imagined what kind of tools have to be used and how he actually fitted everything into his van! We came up with some brilliant ideas for new contractor’s promotional gifts and how we can make their lives a little bit easier. I am really excited to bring them to the market soon!

In conclusion, I would say everybody who works in an office should participate in any kind of different challenge outside of the office – not only is it a great experience; it also improves the relationship between you and the customer – and shows the way things are done differently as well as bringing new ideas into the business which you weren’t thinking about before!


Frozen pipes - before and after insulation and installation

Frozen pipes – before and after insulation and installation

– Karina (Digital Marketing Co-Ordinator)

Contact details for Alistair:

Website: http://www.glow-worm-installers.co.uk/ajcoopergroup
Phone number: +44(0)1332881345
Email address: alistair@ajcoopergroup.com
Twitter: @ajcoopergroup

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