TPR – Peristaltic Pump with Reservoir & Alarm

Need a suction lift?

With an amazing 9.5 LPH flow, the peristaltic range manufactured by Little Giant offers all installation possibilities.  This pump is available in 3 models and comes in the following:

The standard TP ‘S’ model runs on a compressor signal, the ‘T’ operates on temperature sensors and the ‘R’ detects condensate in a collection reservoir and incorporates a high level switch.

Ideal for mini split or cassette air conditioning units up to 12kW.


• Supplied with a spare replacement tube.
• Vent-free motor housing reduces noise.
• IP52 housing prevents damage from dust and debris.
• Service kit available.
• Extension sensor cables available so the pump can be located up to 6m from the indoor unit.
• 12 months warranty on pump and tube.

• 12 months warranty on pump and tube.


TP Range Peristaltic Data Sheet

Peristaltic Instructions